Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Hello Caren!

Sorry for the super late reply. I've been travelling for work and just managed to find time to write to you.
I'd like to thank you for the wonderful job done on my wedding day. I loved the makeup and the hairdo. Thanks for taking the time to understand and deliver what I asked for. Not many MUA actually listens to their client's requirements - but you did. I'd definitely recommend my friends to you!

You can also view some of the photo from this link :-


Wishing you all the best!
BR//Yin Min (Bei Jing)

Hi Caren,

Sorry for the late reply. I'm not good at writing testimonial, in fact this
is the first time i'm doing it. Here it is:

Caren is a very flexible and non-calculating make-up artist. She will
always try her best to meet customer's requirements. Thank you for the
great job you did for me and my mom. We're so pleased to have you on that
special day.

you can also view some of the photos from this link :

Chin Lok Ching (KL)
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Bridget, Puah (wedding on Dec 23, 2006 @ Kuala Lumpur) - Singapore

"…Thank you Caren, for the tremendous job you did on my wedding day. I was really happy with my hairstyles and make-up, it’s just so perfect and everyone praise that I look different and gorgeous. And this is actually what i wanted (girl, you can really read my mind : )), which
is to be special, make me feel like a model on the run way, and also different from the usual bride’s look :p.

Thanks to you again for making me a confident and beautiful bride, your professionalism did shone through. : )



"This is a note of appreciation for the wonderful job that you have
on our wedding day. Thank you for the marvelous job you did on hair and

makeup for me and my mom.
The photos came out beautiful, natural and polished.
You are one hundred percent worth your weight in gold.
Thank you for your patience, professionalism and talent.

Best regards,
Amanda (bridal)
dated 08/01/2007

photo shooting


make up competition organized by beauty expo in October '06

Dear Friends,

I am back!!

Guess what, I am gonna bring you guys another good news, em...sorry to say that is a little bit late to letting you guys know (it was back to 5 months ago) but somehow i know you guys "dun mind rite" and will still support me all the way... "huh!!! so thick faces"

Ladies and gentlement, the good news is i won 2nd place of make up competition under Student / Amateur Category on last year October 2006 which organized by interxpo, the title is China Ethnics Splendour.

That is another tough time for me, the entire month i was so pressure, but luckily I got a group of BEST FRIENDS AND MY MAKE UP GURU to support me!

My make up guru from sense & style, SAMNEY (expert/pro make up artist and she is so patient to guide me very single details thing)

My senior Ms.Yao (thanks for giving me the CARVEN ONG ACADEMY contact so that I manage to get the nice outfit for the competition and also thanks for introduced Ms. Ho - THE MODEL - to me)

THE MODEL - MS. HO (thanks for your effort for that 2 days, your stage performance is perfect, as a "lady" like me also being melted by you!!!)

DANG DANG DANG DANG.....Now I am gonna introduced the (VIP) - Very Irritating Person-pai sei lah, just kidding!! These two fellow is damn good, purposely took 1 day leave is just to attend the final, purposely just took 1 day leave to see my competition, and they spend the whole day there do nothing but just to SUPPORT CAREN SAA PEK YING-hug-!!! Friends, luckily you are there to let me hold your hands when i am so "kan jiong" really kan jiong.....

friends, luckily you are there to listen to my babble (ah boh, wa eh ki siao!!) haha..

Hahaha....I m still remember that ming saying if there is a "high blood pressure machine to measure my blood pressure, sure damage the machine wan"..

thanks boon and hui ming!! muak.......big kisses for you guys!!

Another person to thank to is my net friend, Bryan Yap thanks for spend the whole day to attend my competition.

Phew!!.. got the achievement, get satisfaction, gain more experience... more to come...long way to go!! I 'll be back again.........

"more picture to upload soon..check it out ya :P"

Caren Saa Pek Ying

makeup graduation cum competition held at time square in May 2006

this competition it's really meant to me, not looking at how valuable the prizes is but was thinking at least i must do the best to be somebody in the competition.

at first.... seeing other contestant's models, having their great creative outfit compare to mine one..sighed...it's seems like far far away from them. sighing...deep breath...clear my mind, telling myself...do the best... at least you must do the best....

at last "I DID IT"

Carmen (my model), I'm glad to know her....and only you will know my feeling :P when the moment the MC announced the TOP 10 and TOP 5...hehe..thinking back, is kinda funny loh

let us cheers again....long way for me to go and "caren, don't give up"